Murray Bell

Partner | President of Immersive at Smuggler

Murray has a list of
  • Workshop with Accenture Song team

  • Shoot test with Norman Jean Roy

  • Book Holoplot X2 demonstration

  • Watch Phantom of the Paradise

  • Send info to Shona Heath

  • Finish credentials deck

  • NYC apartment

  • Byron studio furniture

  • NYC site visits with CBRE

  • Finish Youth Tournament deck

  • Follow up with Kenya Barris team

  • Jeremy Pope Screening objects

  • Reply to Brian Message about Nick Cave performance

  • Share David Caon wearable designs with team

  • Draw up Messi concepts

  • Highsnobiety Berlin store

  • Watch all of Messi's World Cup

  • Renders for the Gagosian

  • Complete tech brief with Mark

  • Send animation brief to Chris

  • Jeremy Pope objects

  • Tour new studio with Kelvin & Nic

  • Meet with Toby & Laurie

  • Meet with Tim Pastore

  • Division strategy deck update

  • Book May flights

  • Update Dan on financial

  • I Want It rewrites

  • Blossom

  • Call Ari Weiss

  • Atelier Jolie update with Erin

  • Follow up Saad on design